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Malpe Beach, 4:15 PM, as high as the tides and as rugged as the sunlight felt, the team of Aaghaz reached with faces held high and a memorable performance to put forth.
The drums and hoots for the Street Play “TEEN SAWAL, TEEN BAWAL” shortly commenced, as the team and the performers were into the crowds gathering them to watch and learn. And within a few minutes, there were more than 150 people standing there to watch the performance.
In collaboration with the NGO, 3D, which stands for Dream, Desire and Destiny, the ideas and common misconceptions about reproductive fitness were conveyed through three distinct acts in the play.

The first one focusing on menstrual hygiene, the second on family planning and the third on stigmas of sexual health problems and responsible sexual exploration. Promotion of ‘Expressions’, the annual event of 3D was also done at the end of the play.

The crowd was hooked and tethered, increasing and appreciating as the play went on. The play culminated to a successful conclusion and an unwavering applause.
The team was ready to perform at yet another impactful and impressionable location, the Canara Mall in the evening. The charisma of street play was such that the people stayed there to watch the play after watching a 3 hour long movie in Bharat Cinemas.

An evening performance at Canara Mall and another perfected performance the next day at KMC Food Court despite the challenging weather conditions, cemented what Aaghaz had set out to do, educate and inform. There was a lot of excitement in the audience for the play as their friends were performing. More than 100 students were waiting in the rain to watch the Street Play.

Dr. Arvind Kumar Pandey, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, KMC Manipal and Dr. Sushma RK, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, KMC Manipal were the special guest at KMC Food Court.

More than two weeks of intense preparation had definitely proven fruitful.
Under the guidance of 2nd years who had been handed charge of the play, potential of each and every member of the team was utilized to the fullest. Under the able mentorship of the senior members of the club, Ms. Amrapali, Mr. Siddharth, there was a lot that was taught. Their experience in dramatics gave the team a lot of insight in areas in which they could improve and work on to perfect their craft.
From the powerful monologues to the provoking dances, the howls, prances and formations all testified of the efforts and the work put in the execution of this play.


Organized by: Aaghaz & Team 3D

Written by: Sidhant Tomer, Ratnesh Gandhi , Aaghaz

Photography by: Samir Gulati , Aaghaz

Uploaded by : Utkarsh Agrawal , Vice President , Student Council