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On 30th June, from 5 PM to 9 PM, the Pot of Gold fundraiser illuminated the evening with a heartwarming blend of fun and philanthropy, all in support of the NGO Swabhava that provides support to the LGBTQIA+ community. Organized by Iris, NSS, and SWC, the event spanned six Interact halls, each buzzing with unique activities.

Highlights included a spirited Jeopardy game with themes such as pop culture and bollywood themes, creative Pictionary sessions, and lively Karaoke performances. The Auction for Action hosted by Mihir and Gayathri featured donated and handmade items, sparking enthusiastic bidding. Blindfolded Conversations offered a profound experience of curiosity and connection.

The event’s soothing ambiance was enhanced by perfect lighting and truly added to the atmosphere of the event. The evening successfully fostered community spirit and raised substantial funds for Swabhava, showcasing the power of collective generosity.

Writer: Rohita Mahesh, The Editorial Board, KMC
Photographer: Arnav Agarwal, The Editorial Board, KMC
Coverage: Medha Chatterjee, The Editorial Board, KMC