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Nasha Mukt Pledge Ceremony

The Nasha Mukt Club of KMC Manipal, under the Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan, partook in a mass pledge taking event to address the pressing issue of drug abuse in the country on 12.08.2022.

All the higher educational institutions, colleges and universities in the country took part in this event, facilitated by the local District Collectors of their respective areas.

Each institute was provided with a copy of the pledge in both Hindi and English digitally, which was displayed on screens and read out by students and this event was documented through pictures and videos.

The pledge itself is a promise one makes to individually devote themselves to the mission as well as to contribute in the nationwide effort to eradicate drug abuse from the country.

The pledge was mediated by the Class representatives Abhinandan Jangid, Saatwik Sharma and Shrey Gautam under the guidance of Shivani Yadav, co-chairperson and founder of Nasha Mukt Club of KMC, Manipal.

Students and staff of KMC, Manipal were seen partaking in the pledge in high spirits and promise in all the classrooms and labs on the designated day, strengthened in their efforts to make Manipal and India, Nasha Mukt.

Credits :

Written by : Sudiksha, The Editorial Board KMC

Edited by: Shivani Yadav, President and Shivika Saroagi, Editor In Chief , Student Council KMC

Uploaded by: Utkarsh Agrawal, Vice President, Student Council , KMC