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On the day of 14th of May, 2023, Sunday, the esteemed institution of Kasturba  Medical College  hosted not one but two separate Quizzing Events in collaboration with reputable National Quizzing entities. Swastik Gautam Tripathy, a  member of INQUISITION, proctored these events.

1. General Quiz (Morning session)

The first quiz session witnessed the active participation of fifteen teams from various colleges ranging from NIT,  Kurukshetra,  to MIT, Manipal, and KMC, Manipal.

This Quiz was made possible by the collaboration and coordinated efforts of the Mangalore Quizzing Federation and the Quizzing Federation of India in association with INQUISITION, the Quizzing wing under the Literary Committee of KMC Manipal.

The event took place in the hours between  10:30 AM to 1 PM. Each team consisted of 3 members playing together to face these complex and unique questions from the diverse array. 

 The Quiz consisted of a total of 90 questions to be solved in a time period of 60 mins making this Quiz a challenge and a race against time.

After the ferocious battle of wits, there was a tie for the winner position with 14 points each. 

The winning teams were as follows:

  1. IdliDip, Kaapi strong: Dr. Sanjay, Dr. Arjun, Dr. Pavan 
  2. This is not a team: Malhar, Adyot

This was indeed a memorable event for both the organizers and the participants, further promoting the spirit of Quizzing among students and teachers alike.

2. General Quiz (Evening Session)

Zephyr Quizzing League organized the second Quiz of the day in association with INQUISITION,  Literary Committee, KMC Manipal. This quiz took place in the afternoon hours of 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM. 

This was a test of intellect and knowledge about current affairs, entertainment,  sports, etc.

A total of 10 lone wolves took part in the said quiz and battled vigorously for the position of the winner. They faced a grueling 150 questions in a record time of 90 mins making this a truly neuron-stimulating challenge for the participants. The competition was palpable in the air.

At the end of this challenging test of wit, logic, and speed, the long-awaited winners  were declared

Dr. Sanjay, Sushant and Dr. Darshak Sanyal. 

Thanks to the efficacy and collaborative efforts of the organizing teams, the event was conducted smoothly.

Photography: Manas Agrawal, Hasmita Ganesuni The Editorial Board KMC
Writer: Jayendra Singh The Editorial Board KMC
Uploaded by: Jayendra Singh, The Editorial Board KMC