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Welcoming the new first years with fresh energy and vigour, Cutting Edge held its first event of the year, the IV, IM and SC Injections Workshop. The workshop took place in the Clinical Skills Lab, on the 11th and 12th of October.

With over 120 participants ready to dive into medical skills, the workshop spanned over two days with four slots. With a further division into smaller groups and separate teachers at 6 different stations, every participant was given special attention and guidance as they learned, inquired and practiced.
Following an introduction to the workshop by Nitya Krishna (President, Cutting Edge), the aspiring surgeons were addressed by Manan Chawda and Dr. Mahisha Virdiana, former Cutting Edge Presidents who talked about their experience and the spectrum of opportunities these workshops open, for both participants and members. Brimming with energy, the participants launched to their stations, meticulously absorbing what their teachers explained. From the different administration techniques and various sites of drug administration to the one-hand method while handling needles and safe disposal of all medical waste, the workshop covered all facets of the skill.

Giving the new batch a hands on experience at the basics of administering injections, this was the perfect way for the enthusiastic first years to begin their medical journey.

Design: Cutting Edge, KMC
Writing: Prakhya Gupta, The Editorial Board, KMC.
Photography: Yash Rao, The Editorial Board, KMC.
Uploaded by: Mihir Manuja, The Editorial Board KMC.