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Ind vs Pak screening

29th August witnessed the screening of the much awaited, much hyped, much-needed cricket match of the season, India versus Pakistan, which took place in Dubai.

The screening was a collaboration between the Film Crew and the Sports Committee. It took place at the Interact halls from 7:30 pm.

With almost 30 registrations under the belt, it was pleasing and surprising to see 1st years thronging the halls to witness the most significant rivalry on the face of earth despite having sessionals the next day.

The event kick-started with singing our Indian National anthem along with the players.

The match was a nail-biting one from the start. The only sound arising in the otherwise drop-dead silent hall were the joyous thunders of claps and collective cheering.

When asked their expectations from today’s match, the response was adamant, “Only India should win’.
The audience screeched painfully with every snafu or losing wickets.

They enthusiastically discussed cricket in jargon that the report’s writer couldn’t understand. The sharp critiques, the bargains with the Cosmic Master, the bitter disappointment; these are the sacred commitments to build our camaraderie and a rite of passage which every Indian goes through.

With every fours, sixes, or wicket, the crowd erupted in unison with unrepressed peals of laughter and over-the-top howling.

As the match proceeded, the anticipation and anxiety reached a fever pitch during the wobbly showdown with a few runs to chase in the precarious last over.

Everything reached a standstill when Hardik Pandya took to the crease, assuring the entire India with his breezy gesture, which brought a nonchalant vibe to soothe our frazzled nerves.
It was a straight six, which sealed the fate of the match and India.
India won the match by five wickets.
The crowd rose with the biggest of grins, loudest of guffaws, calmest of nerves but most importantly rose as a proud Indian.

Design Credits: The Film Crew
Writing Credits: Komal Mishra, The Editorial Board, KMC
Photography Credits: Kartik Bhateja, The Editorial Board, KMC
Upload Credits: Nivedita Pandey, The Editorial Board, KMC