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Incandescent – The Ideation Fair

Incandescent – The innovation club of Manipal — conducted the Annual Ideation Fair on 7th November 2022. This event consists of multiple competitions like Medicina genio, Double take, fiction concoction, and the Ideation competition to challenge some of the brightest minds on The Health Sciences campus.

Poster Presentation: 

Incandescent, known for its ingenuity and enthusiasm, conducted Medicina Genio, a poster presentation competition for all students across MAHE, on 7th November. A fantastic lineup of students, who were required to present a topic of their choice with illustrative posters sprinkled with infographics, did so with great zeal.

Presiding over the event were the organizers of Incandescent, who were as zealous as the participants and cross-questioned them with curiosity.

The presenters rose to the occasion and performed immaculately in this competition. All in all, it was a sweet win for everyone involved! 1st  Place went to Dr.Sumedha Mitra, and the 2nd  Place went to Padma Anjali Malladi.

Double take:

KMC, Lumen, and Incandescent clubs combined to amalgamate their fortes into forming an event, Double Take. A submission-based event blending innovation into photography,

It required the participants to integrate specific abstract prompts like colors and emotions provided to them with other specific photographic techniques. A detailed explanation of different methods followed this.

Participants were then provided with chits indicative of these prompts. Judging criteria awarded points for justice made to the themes provided and how craftily the two prompts were integrated, giving them a total score out of 50.

A limit of 45 minutes was provided before submissions would come with deductions in the score. Exploring the subtleties and fanciness of the campus, Dr. Aishwarya Gupta was awarded 1st for blending in Joy emoted with the Frame within Frame technique, Spoorthy Nathani and Tanvee Walia placed second, impressively melding Anger and Frame within Frame prompts, Hiteshi Garg and Sanit Kumar got a special shoutout for their submissions provided.

The event attracted decent participation and achieved, through its best candidates, what it set out to, Exploring the dynamics of photography through a lens of creation.

Ideation competition:

6th November 2022 saw the Ideation Competition at the TMA Pai Halls (3). The event was a part of the Ideation Fair organized by Incandescent, KMC’s home-grown innovation club collaborating with the Innovation Center, MAHE.

The esteemed judges were – Dr. Mohammad Zuber, Chief Innovation Officer (MAHE), Dr. Krishnanda Prabhu, Associate Dean (MAHE), and Dr. Sandesh U Shet. The event saw 12 teams participating.

The judges grilled the participants thoroughly while offering advice on bringing these ideas to fruition. They emphasized the importance of monetizable ideas, and the event resembled an episode of Shark Tank.

Teams Traccertain, the Databases, and Synapse took away the prizes with their innovative ideas of improved tool sterilization, encrypted patient databases, and a live token system for patients, respectively.

This unforgettable event was filled with exciting ideas and captivating pictures. More importantly, a brilliant and talented crowd with the most passionate team, Incandescent.

Written by : Vaishnavi Katiyar, Arjun Khade, and Sidhant , Incandescent , KMC
Photography Credits : Amogh and Sanit Kumar, MTTN
Upload Credits : Sourabh Singh , The Editorial Board KMC