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Endocrinology Quiz

The endocrinology quiz hosted by SRF in collaboration with the Endocrinology department of KMC Manipal was a grand success. The quiz opened with refreshments courtesy of Chef on wheels to fuel the participants for the challenge ahead.

Participants from all years underwent a gruelling preliminary round testing their knowledge of endocrinology-related aspects of subjects from all years.

In the break between the preliminaries and finals, there was a workshop on the practical aspects of insulin therapy by Dr Sahana Shetty, Professor and Head of the department of endocrinology, assisted by Nurse Anitha Prescilla. The participants were shown the correct methods of use of insulin pens, and Dr Sahana held a brief lecture on the types of insulin.

Finally, six finalists were chosen after a rigorous evaluation of the papers.

Shreya Pulli of third year

Varnan Srivastava of third year

Ketan Bhagat of fourth year

Harsh Sharma of the fourth year

Aniketh Umesh of third year

The finals were a grand spectacle, with the finalists facing three challenging rounds of questioning. At the end of the three rounds, three victors were crowned.

Harsh Sharma at first place

Aniketh Umesh at second place

Ketan Bhagat at third place

The winners received exciting prizes; first place received a boat Xtend smartwatch, second place won a boat stone 500, and third place won a boat Stone 180.


Design: SRF, KMC Manipal

Writer: Lalit Ritwik Pulela,SRF, KMC Manipal

Photography: SRF, KMC Manipal

Uploaded by: Alisha Chrissel Lobo, The Editorial Board, KMC Manipal