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Anti ragging week

Ragging has been prevelant in India since decades, in one form or the other. Humiliation, harrasment or abuse of newly enrolled students or juniors had been another form of legacy that is being carried out in colleges. It is high time that the authorities work together to eliminate this practice as a whole because the effect it has on the students can be really devastating, psychological or physical or even emotional. 

The toxic behaviour of people who think ragging is a way to earn respect leads to damage of self worth and self confidence in younger people who have just stepped out of their homes into this new world. The amount of suicides, drop outs and hiding from opportunities due to ragging is alarming at this point and needs to be looked upon.

On 14th august Dr Chandani and Dr Vinod held a talk on anti-ragging for the present first years soon to be seniors. They stressed on the consequences of ragging on a students mental and physical health and warned the students about the legal action that can be taken against any one who indulges in this malpractice. Informing the students about the Indian penal code which states ragging as a crime they warned the students to maintain caution and not give into peer pressure. They urged the students to have a healthy and positive relationship with their juniors and guide them responsibly. The talk informed the students about the serious consequences ragging can have on their medical career. They urged the students to be the seniors they wanted for themselves and welcome the freshers with an assurance of positivity and safety. 

On 16th of August on the occasion of Antiragging week, the student dramatics club Aaghaz held a street play in front of the KMC food court at 1:30 pm. 

Aaghaz gave a chilling performance showing the plight of a student who has been ragged to the point of suicide contemplation. The message was clear; ragging has serious and long lasting effects on its victims, leaving them dehumanized and helpless in a time of their life when they are the most vulnerable. Any perpetrator of what is legally considered a crime will face appropriate consequences. Help is available to any in need in the form of a Helpline.

The talented performers were Akanksh Chopra, Paarth Luthra, Garima Shukla, Namish Agarwal, Aruj Atray, Prakhar, Mohak, Chatrik Mittal, Khushi Sharma, Shubhangi Mishra, Vishnukant Singh.

Others involved in production, management and makeup were Aniket Vikram Singh, Ishaan Kumar Khetan, Arkansh, Satyam, Abhinav, Aseem Anand, Mayank Kumar Jha, Nimisha.

After an eventful week of spreading awareness about the effects of ragging in medical schools, on 17th August 2023, the team gathered for the closing ceremony. 

Ayushman, president of KMC Manipal’s student council, gave a speech talking about the significance of this week, making everyone recognise the severity of bullying and the consciousness of its impact on students’ lives. He talked about the success of the events held – the street play with the dramatics club, the poster making competition and the essay writing competition. He thanked the Editor-in-Chief, Jasneet Kalra, for collaborating on the designing events and the Literary Secretary, Saad Khan, for collaborating on the writing events. He also mentioned his regards to the Aghaaz, the dramatics club, for organizing the street play.

Following this, Dr. Padmaraj Hegde, Dean of KMC Manipal, said a few words and advised the students to provide a comfortable and progressive learning environment for their juniors and always lend a helping hand. 

Then, the students were felicitated with the awards. 

Essay writing competition – 

1st : Raghav Gupta

2nd : Shomaila Sarwer

3rd : Janhavi Mohan

Poster making competition – 

1st : Karthikeya Hegde

2nd : Gargi Choudhary

3rd : Meghna Neog

Photography: Arnav Agarwal The Editorial Board KMC
Writer: Ayeshani Mishra, Sanshrita, Mariyah The Editorial Board KMC
Uploaded by: Medha Chatterjee The Editorial Board KMC