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Verve, KMC’s very own Inter-batch fest began as expected with a bang. Theme for Verve ’23 Day was TIME MACHINE : It’s about Time. As we stepped into this time machine, it was just adrenaline and serotonin beyond that point. Sports, Cultural and literary events were organized by their respective committees.

Batches or the official verve teams were allocated. First years, the newest rookies as The Young Teens; Second years as The Roaring 20’s; the defending champions, current Third years as The Golden Gladiators; 4th years as The Mighty Mavericks and finally the eldest and masters of competition, TIPS as the The Noughty Retros.

Day 1, Started at 4 pm with the ‘General Quiz‘, dominated by Rohita, Arham and Lalit from the 2nd year. In 2nd place came Dr Pavan, Dr Joseph and Dr Arjun from TIPS. 3rd place was held by Dr Darshak, Dr Pratik, Dr Oishik also from TIPS.

Elsewhere in the greens the Anesthesiology department, tugging for their lives took the ‘Interdepartmental Tug Of War‘ competition. 

Next came the events held by the Cultural Committee. At the ‘Creative Dance Duet‘ showing us it takes two to triumph were Akshi Jindal and Suhani Jain (3rd semester) in 1st place. Second place was held by Madhavi Pai and Ayush Aryan (TIPS), with Ishita Sharma and Ishita Gupta (6th semester) placed 3rd. 

At the ‘Eastern Dance Solo‘ Nandini Jaiswal (3rd semester) made jaws drop and eyes widen, winning her 1st place. Not far behind was Ishaa Gupta (3rd semester) in 2nd place and Sahil Goel (6th semester) in 3rd.

To end the exhilarating first day with a lighthearted team writing event, the Literary Committee brought to us ‘Relay writing‘. This too was won by 2nd years Tanvee, Liana and Alisha. 2nd place was a draw between Bhanu, Arnav, and Sajal (4th years) and Yogesh, Manas, and Yashwant (2nd years). In 3rd place came Ojaswita, Vanshita, and Khushi M. (2nd years)

Excitement maintained on Day 2, which started with the ‘JAM‘ event, hosted by the Literary Committee. The winners for the same were Dr Radhini Chowdhary (TIPS) in 1st place, Jagruti Sharma (2nd Year) in 2nd and Dr Akshat Rastogi (TIPS) in 3rd. 

Next came the ‘Slam Poetry‘ competition, poets gave voice to their soul on stage and showcased their wonderful take on the world. This was won by Garima Shukla (2nd Year) in the 1st place, Dr Neha Bhatia (Tips) in 2nd and Dr Vrinda (TIPS) in the third. 

The final Literary Committee hosted event for the day was ‘Tattoo Making‘. The 1st place was taken by Shivika Saraogi (4th year). Not far behind were Nitya Goel (3rd year) in 2nd place and Ishaa Gupta (2nd year) in 3rd place. 

The last and most adrenaline-packed event of the day was the ‘Intercommittee Tug Of War‘. Student Committees showed up in all their strength, ready to tug. But at the end of the day, it was the the Editorial board that took the title home after winning all their ‘pulls’. 

Rest assured, the competition was fierce and the fun unparalleled even on Day 3. The festivities included a Debate competition organised by The Literary Committee and The Debating Society. The first prize was bagged by Akarsh Khanna and Swaraj Challa (4th years), second place by Sudiksha and Kaushiki Guha (3rd years) and third place by Melvin Mathew and Liana Joseph (2nd years). The best speakers were Akarsh khanna (4th year) followed by Liana Joseph (2nd year) in second place and Sudiksha (3rd year) in third place.

Pretty minds worked up on the boards in the ‘Chess‘ event, where 4th years bagged the first position and TIPS landed up at 2nd position.

The Cultural committee organized a series of events on Day 3. The Monologue Competition brought out the dramatical gifts of every participant. Preety Kumari (6th semester) won the first prize, 2nd prize was won by Garima Shukla (3rd semester) and 3rd prize by Vanshika Sharma (3rd semester)

The thunder of feet and the power of rhythm could be felt in the dance competitions. In the Western dance solo Vartika Tiwari (6th semester), Vanshika Sharma (3rd semester) and Siddharth Garg (1st semester) were awarded the first, second and third spots respectively. The Group Dance saw 3rd semester coming first with 8th and 1st semester being the runner ups.

The various Departments of KMC competed in the Inter-Departmental Variety Show. A tug of war can be seen as our teachers showcased their hidden talents and mesmerized us with their brilliant performances. Department of Surgery won the 1st prize, Department of Pediatrics 2nd and Department of Pathology won the 3rd prize.

Verve 23’ on Day 4, LUMEN in collaboration with The Literary Committee brought The Photography Premiere League. 1st prize was bagged by 3rd years, 2nd by TIPS and 3rd prize by 2nd years.

The Cultural Committee organized a series of events filled by art and passion. In the Classical Solo Dance event, the 1st and 2nd prizes both were bagged by the 1st sem students Aparna Sudheer and Manognaa Banani respectively, Akshi Jindal of 3rd sem won the 3rd prize.

Western Vocals Solo event saw Dhriti Bharadwaj (3rd sem) win the gold, with the silver and bronze being awarded to Inesh Vij (8th sem) and Aarthi Mohandas (8th sem) respectively.

In Group Vocals, 8th sem grabbed the podium with the 1st prize with 3rd sem being the runner ups.

Enlivening the 5th day of Verve 2023, the Literary Committee organised a Theme Quiz that was dominated by Dr Pavan, Dr Arjun (TIPS) followed by Sahith, Utkarsh and Mihir (1st years), while the third position was Naveed by Dr Darshak, Dr Pratik and Dr Oishik (TIPS)
The Potpourri event was won by 3rd years Saad, Shreyansh and Kartik while Priyanshi, Anshika and Vasudha of 2nd year came second and lastly final years Arnav Tyagi, Bhanu Kumawat and Pranjal Agrawal came third.

The Cultural Committee Organised the Eastern Vocals Solo where Navya (1st semester), Avishi (3rd semester) and Sriya(6th semester) impressed the audience with their melodies
The Showstopper of the day however was the Battle of the Bands, which was won by
3rd semester talents- Arnav, Adwaith, Arundhati, Avishi, Aarya, Aditya, Dhriti and Shaurya. The second place was bagged by 6th semester students Vedant, Samanvay, Rhea, Anugya, Sriya and Rakshak. New blood from 1st semester- Chatrik, Sarthak, Pratham, Himanshi, Riddhi, Shambhavi, Ananya and Madhumita were placed third.

Final day of Verve 2023, the Literary Committee organised a Digital Art competition in collaboration with IRIS, the queer club of Manipal. While colours flew in the air, Aarathi Mohandas Korambeth of 8th semester took the spotlight with her creativity. Shivika Saraogi of 8th semester & Saumya Sharma of 6th semester tied for second place and Sairina of 6th semester came third.
The Cultural Committee organised an instrumental solo where crowds were swooning for winners: Adhyatma Trivedi (1st year), Shaurya Rathi (2nd year) and Inesh Vij (4th year) as well as an impromptu event, where Vanshika Sharma and Ananya Agarwal (2nd years) and Udita Khanna (4th year) stood as winners.

The closing ceremony for Verve saw a sensational tie between the second years and third years which was broken by a tie breaker Dance off won by Vartika Tiwari (3rd year) securing the

Third years as overall winners of Verve 2023!

Design: Shivika Saraogi, Editor-in-chief, KMC
Photography: Samir Gulati, Kartik Bhateja, Pranav Venugopal, Sparsh Srivastava, Devansh Dhankad, Ayush Rana, Manas Agrawal, Pranay Jain, Tanishq Rao, Hasmita Ganesuni, Bhavye Bhatia, The Editorial Board KMC
Writer: Akarsh Sinha, Sudiksha, Vaishnavi, Mariyah, The Editorial Board KMC
Uploaded by: Sourabh Singh, The Editorial Board KMC