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SRF: Literature Review and Search

The collaborative nature of research is essential for driving innovation and addressing complex challenges. Keeping this as the target, on the 28th of February 2024, The Student Research Forum of KMC, Manipal, conducted Research 101: Literature Review and Search.

A skill that every researcher has to have is the ability to carefully gather and sort through data. Well-written literature reviews reflect the researchers’ comprehension of the topic. To advise on the same, Dr. Sanjay Kini, faculty at the UG Research Vertical, graced the students with his presence and started off the workshop with a talk on research reviews and Boolean operations. He presented the various tools for writing and how to search journals to extract the exact information one needs for an exceptional review.

The workshop proceeded with the Chief Librarian taking up a hands-on activity for literature searches. He chose various examples and demonstrated a search along with the present students doing it on their laptops with him. He emphasised the library portal and its application of research tools.

The workshop ended with a quiz on research review with an enthusiastic response from all the participants. The event was well enjoyed and provided valuable insights into enhancing collaborative research practices. Implementing the recommendations outlined in this workshop will be instrumental in fostering a culture of collaboration and advancing transformative research agendas.

Written by: Ayeshani Mishra, The Editorial Board, KMC Manipal
Photography by: Arnav Agarwal, The Editorial Board, KMC Manipal
Uploaded by: Alisha Lobo, The Editorial Board, KMC Manipal