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On 9th May, Cutting Edge the student surgical club of KMC Manipal hosted their Surgical Knots Workshop. This workshop focused on equipping participants with the essential skills of tying the Reef Knot and the Surgeon’s Knot.

The club members teaching the skill provided clear and concise demonstrations, making adequate use of diagrams. They broke down each knot into step-by-step instructions, allowing participants to visualize the process effectively. 

The Workshop concluded with a small and lighthearted quiz to test the knowledge of the participants. Winners were provided with a free entry into CEs forthcoming Orthopaedics Workshop. 

Acquiring proficiency in the Reef Knot and the Surgeon’s Knot, participants gained a foundational skill crucial for their future careers in surgery. The workshop’s success can be attributed the well-organized structure, clear instruction, hands on practise and emphasis on practical application that Cutting Edge is known for.

Photographer: Pranay Jain
Writer: Mariyah Haji
Coverage: Medha Chatterjee, The Editorial Board KMC