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Invictus 2024

The morning of April 17, 2024 marked the beginning of Invictus, KMC’s annual Intercollegiate Fest that had been eagerly awaited by many. The opening ceremony was filled with energy, creating an atmosphere that seemed to crackle with anticipation. The KMC Board Room, where the festivities took place, was bustling with a diverse crowd including participants, spectators, and important figures. You could almost feel the excitement in the air as people from various walks of life gathered together. Athletes, artists, and those passionate about literature and intellectual pursuits came together from different parts of the region to celebrate the values of competition, creativity, and the pursuit of knowledge. It was a vibrant and thrilling start to what promises to be an exciting event.

In attendance were the, Vice Chancellor of MAHE Manipal, Lt. Gen. Dr. M D Venkatesh; Dean KMC Manipal, Dr. Padmaraj Hegde; the associate Dean’s, Dr Naveen Salins, Dr Anil Bhat, Dr Krishnananda Prabhu and Dr Kantilatha Pai, along with the entire student council of KMC Manipal and one representative from each participating college.

Ayushman Kashyap, President of the student council, expressed gratitude for the efforts behind Invictus and thanked guests. The Vice Chancellor and Dean highlighted the importance of sports and culture for community cohesion. Ayushman presented themed merchandise to guests. The ceremony was a success, leaving participants eager for the upcoming festival.

This year the Invictus Team along the Editorial Board KMC came up with “Invictus Insider“, a daily newsletter published each day during the course of Invictus, that provided insight to the events, games and their results. You can access them while you read further in this coverage 🙂

April 14-16

The cricket matches saw KMC A, FMMC, MS Ramaiah, GMC Calicut, and SDUMC emerge as winners in their respective matches. In basketball, KMC Manipal A, SSMC, SDM, KMC Mangalore, KMC B, AFMC, KIMS, and Kannachur were victorious in their matches. The swimming matches showcased the skills of athletes in various categories, with winners in events such as freestyle and breaststroke. In tennis, Nayanika, Abhinav, Eshan, and Manjunath emerged as winners in their respective matches. The football matches witnessed teams like JNMC, MCODS Manipal, KMC Mangalore, Yenepoya MC, KMC A, and AJIMS securing victories in their matches.

April 17

Post the vibrant opening ceremony, The volleyball matches showcased intense competition and skill, while the tennis matches featured thrilling performances . The football matches displayed teams’ talent and determination, notable results were AFMC winning against SDUMC and KMC Manipal winning against SSMC. The swimming matches witnessed remarkable performances. Additionally, there were competitions in badminton, cricket, throwball, hockey, table tennis, e-sports, shipwreck, poetry, classical dance, creative duet, Western vocal duet, and FIFA gaming. Overall, Invictus was a grand celebration of sports, culture, and intellectual pursuits.

April 18

The Battle of the Bands showcased bands from different universities, with The Manipal Collective securing first place. The volleyball matches displayed exceptional skill and close competition, with KMC B emerging as the winner in the boys’ category and RMC winning in the girls’ category. Tennis matches showcased the players’ determination and skill, with Nayanika, Nidhi, and Aayushmaan emerging as winners in their respective matches. Football matches were intense and marked by camaraderie, with KVGMC, SDMC, GMC Kottayam, KMC Mangalore, MS Ramaiah, AFMC, and DY Patil emerging as winners in the boys’ category, and KMC Manipal winning in the girls’ category. Other events such as throwball, cricket, badminton, basketball, hockey, table tennis, squash, e-sports, and cultural events like Melody Mania, Eastern Vocal Duet, Extempore, Mime, Open Mic, Street Play, General Quiz, and Relay Writing also took place, providing participants with opportunities to showcase their talent and skills.

April 19

The badminton tournament showcased intense matches between colleges from all over India. Participants competed in singles and doubles categories, creating a lively atmosphere with enthusiastic cheering from students and faculty. The winners of each match were mentioned, highlighting the competitive spirit and skill displayed by the players. Basketball matches captivated the audience with the rhythm of dribbles, passes, and shots. Both girls’ and boys’ teams showcased their athleticism and teamwork, with each possession intensifying the competition. The results of each match were provided, reflecting the determination and skill of the players.

Cricket matches displayed the competitive spirit and athleticism of the participants. The results of each match were mentioned, showcasing the performance of each team. The matches were a testament to the passion and skill of the players. Football matches witnessed fierce competition as college teams battled it out on the field. The boys’ matches were highly contested, with each team vying for victory. The girls’ final match was a spectacle of skill and strategy, with the girls of KMC Manipal emerging as the champions. Hockey matches saw both women’s and men’s teams competing passionately. The winners of each match were mentioned, highlighting their dedication and strength.

Table tennis matches showcased incredible sportsmanship and resilience. The winners of the team events, singles, and doubles were mentioned, reflecting the talent and determination of the participants. Tennis matches unfolded with captivating performances, drawing spectators into the electrifying atmosphere. The winners of the women’s finals and the men’s singles and doubles semis were mentioned, showcasing their skills and the intensity of the matches. Volleyball matches displayed excellent collaboration and athleticism. The results of each match were provided, reflecting the intense competition and the skills of the teams.

Artistic competitions such as instrumental solo, western solo dance, theatre, and face painting added a creative touch to the event. The winners of each competition were mentioned, highlighting their talent and artistic expressions.


The Proshow event at Invictus was a highlight of the college fest, captivating the audience with an electrifying performance by The Yellow Diary. The atmosphere at the greens in Manipal was buzzing with anticipation as students and young adults gathered to witness the magic of soulful storytelling through music.

The band, consisting of Rajan Batra, Himonshu Parikh, Vaibhav Pani, Sahil Shah, Stuart Dacosta, and Harshvardhan Gadhvi, delivered an infectious stage presence. Rajan Batra engaged with the audience, sharing anecdotes and his genuine passion for music. The band’s musical expertise, combined with Rajan Batra’s soulful voice, created a tapestry of sound that resonated with the crowd.

DJ Samyak, a talented student of KMC Manipal, further pumped up the audience with catchy tunes and enthusiastic energy. The stage transformed with a cool blue light, adding to the ambiance of the evening. The performance concluded on a high energetic note, leaving the audience with a lingering melody and a reminder of the power of music to evoke emotions and create connections.

The Proshow event showcased the talent and artistry of The Yellow Diary and DJ Samyak, providing a memorable experience for all attendees. The document highlights the captivating nature of the performance and the shared emotions that connected the audience not only with the music but also with each other.

April 20

Day 4 covered a wide range of activities, including fashion shows, badminton matches, basketball matches, cricket matches, football matches, tennis matches, hockey matches, volleyball matches, e-sports, debate competition, group dance event, monologue event, eastern solo dance event, theme quiz, eastern group vocal event, western solo vocal event, and calligraphy competition.

The fashion show, called “Fashion ka Jalwa,” showcased a diverse range of designs, with FMMC, Mangalore emerging as the winners. The badminton matches witnessed intense competition, with FMMC winning the men’s semifinal and singles matches, and AFMC-1 winning the women’s singles and mixed doubles matches.

The basketball matches were filled with excitement, with KMC A winning the girls’ semifinals and MSR winning the boys’ semifinals. The cricket matches saw KMC A emerge as the winners in the women’s final. In football, AJIMS VGMC, AFMC, and KVGMC were the victorious teams in the quarterfinals. The tennis matches showcased the skills of Srinivasan (KIMS) and Abhay & Krishna (MLR) in the men’s doubles semifinals. AFMC emerged as the champions in the hockey matches, defeating KMC Mangalore in penalties.

April 20

The cricket matches saw GMC Kottayam, GMC Calicut, KMC Mangalore, and DY Patil Pune emerge as winners. In the football tournament, AFMC and JNMC made it to the finals, with AFMC winning 3-0. KMC Manipal and M.S. Ramaiah Medical College were the winners in the basketball tournament.

The Eastern Vocal Solo event showcased the talent of students in singing Eastern music, with winners from MIMS Mandya, KIMS Bangalore, KMC Manipal, and MCHP Manipal. The Mad-USA Ad-Venture competition saw KMC Manipal and JNMC Belagavi as the winners. The Harmony Western Group Vocals competition had Father Muller Medical College, St. John’s Medical College, and Kasturba Medical College as the top three winners. KMC Manipal won the stand-up comedy event, and online events like reel making and photography competitions were also held. The Potpourri event combined fun and competition, with Team Kallej Students, Team Oven Heads, and Team Indi Tandoori emerging as winners.

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony marked the culmination of the week-long college festival. It was a celebration of the participants’ exceptional achievements and a testament to their dedication and prowess.

The ceremony took place amidst a kaleidoscope of emotions, with athletes, artists, and scholars standing tall as they were honored for their accomplishments. The atmosphere was filled with applause and excitement as each winner was heralded, immortalizing their achievements in the annals of the intercollegiate fest. The closing ceremony aimed to ignite hope for future endeavors and showcased the power of passion and perseverance. It recognized the hard work and talent of the participants, highlighting their ability to thrive under pressure.

Overall, the Invictus 2024 was a memorable and triumphant event that celebrated the participants’ accomplishments and left a lasting impression on all those in attendance.

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